Johns Creek Dog Daycare

Enjoy the ultimate dog day at Puppy Haven.  Each visit to our Atlanta dog daycare centers is a well-deserved treat.  Featuring spacious indoor and outdoor play area access, your pup can romp throughout our facility.  Our clean and nurturing environment provides your family’s pet a safe place to sit,  stay and play.

Speaking of play, Puppy Haven offers comfortable inside flooring, professional play structures and plenty of room to stretch out and relax.  Tune in to our live puppy web cam to watch your dog hard at work.  After all, playing like a puppy is a full-time job.

The Puppy Haven Difference

Think of dog daycare as a canine social club.  Based on your dog’s individual size, personality and activity level,  your dog is personally placed into the appropriate socialization group.  Our professionally trained staff is specially trained to read your dog’s behavior and social cues to identify where he or she will play best.  The Puppy Haven staff carefully supervises the play groups all day long,  making adjustments as needed.   We do not take pit bulls, akitas, cane corsos, or presa canarios.

If your four-legged friend requires special attention, Puppy Haven makes sure your special pet receives the appropriate individual care.  We can accommodate your pup’s particular needs, including feedings, medicines and even nap time.

Why Dog Daycare

Puppy Haven dog daycare offers a variety of benefits for your pup.  First and foremost, it provides a much-needed dose of dog to dog socialization.  Providing interaction and stimulation helps improve social skills and overall behavior.  Likewise, dog daycare has been known to help deter destructive behaviors such as digging, chewing and excessive barking.  These behaviors often are due to boredom and a lack of exercise. Dogs burn plenty of energy during their time at Puppy Haven, making them socially satisfied and ready for your time together when you pick them up.

Temperament Test

We require all dogs to complete a complimentary “trial run” visit to make sure they get along well with the other pups and that their temperament is conducive to an all-day, cage-free environment. This is for the safety of all dogs and staff at Puppy Haven. Click here to learn the requirements and how to get started at Puppy Haven.

Dog Daycare Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our dog daycare. First day temperament test is always free.

Daily pricing:

  • Daily Rate: $35
  • Sunday Funday: $17.50 (Half Price Daycare)

Multi-Day Packages

  • 5 Day Package: $165 ($33/day) — save $10!
  • 10 Day Package: $320 ($32/day) — save $30!
  • 20 Day Package: $600 ($30/day) — save $100!

*Packages can be shared between sibling dogs.

*Package days may be used at any Puppy Haven location.

*Packages never expire!

**If your dog has not visited with us in over a year they are required to redo the temperament test before coming in for daycare and/or boarding.